Trace Amount

We had the privilege of seeing a recent documentary showing, Trace Amount, in Arlington, VA April 16, 2015.  It features a story of Eric Gladen who became acutely ill from mercury poisoning after receiving a tetanus shot.  This documentary chronicles his painful journey and the revelations of how thimerosal, the mercury containing preservative, impacted his health.  The message was to educate the public on the potential health hazards of mercury as a neurotoxin.

After the viewing, many questions from the audience touched on the controversies of thimerosal containing vaccines.  As a preservative, it is not an integral part of the vaccine.  Single dose vaccinations are available which are thimerosal free.   Even trace amounts of ethyl mercury can be harmful as a neurotoxin as proved by scientific studies.  The controversy with vaccines and autism continues as thimerosal, aluminum, environmental toxins, etc. have been implicated.

The more enduring truth from this story is the human quest for survival.  Eric Gladen sought help from multiple medical doctors and specialists to no avail.  Ultimately, he put the pieces to his puzzle together, linking the timing of his symptoms soon after receiving his tetanus vaccine.  The myriad of odd symptoms resembled symptoms from mercury toxicity.  Finding Dr. Andy Cutler online and following his heavy metal detoxification protocol was what brought him back to normalcy.

What I am reminded from this story is that we ultimately determine our health and wellbeing.  Our health practitioners are the guides to help us navigate our own health journey.  The more we can find the answers from our intuitive self, the closer we can come to understanding how best to help ourselves.

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