Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Magnetic and Electric therapies have been dated back to ancient times.  It is only recently that we are starting to understand how it affects biologic processes.  Humans are dependent on earth’s electromagnetic pulses to optimize cellular ‘voltage’.  After the first launch of humans into orbit, NASA realized the dire circumstances of being separated from earth’s magnetic field–osteoporosis, muscle deterioration, etc.  PEMF was used to maintain the health of  the astronauts.

Our bodies are electric.   And, the fluids in our bodies are charged which makes us susceptible to magnetic fields.  These pulsed electromagnetic fields can help induce charges similar to what healthy cells would naturally produce if not interfered by modern day harmful EMF’s (from cell phones, wifi, electrical towers, etc).  In effect, PEMF helps with optimizing cellular communication, microcirculation and oxygenation.  PEMF has been used for pain relief, stress reduction, improving circulation, reducing inflammation and improving sleep and mood.

In 1979, the FDA approved PEMF Therapy for the healing of nonunion fractures.
In 1998, the FDA approved PEMF Therapy for urinary incontinence and muscle stimulation.
In 2004, the FDA approved PEMF Therapy for cervical fusion patients at high-risk of non-fusion.
In 2006, the FDA approved PEMF Therapy for treatment of depression and anxiety.
In 2011, the FDA approved PEMF Therapy for treatment of brain cancer.

PEMF has been studied and used for many other conditions including osteoporosis, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, coronary artery disease, fibromyalgia, neuropathy (nerve pain), tendonitis, multiple sclerosis, overactive bladders and cancers.

Most PEMF devices that are sold today in the United States are FDA registered as wellness devices.  We welcome you to try this therapy as a vital part of your health journey.

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Recommended settings for various conditions are found at www.pemfsupply.com/pages/frequency

Contraindications would be organ transplant recipients and placing PEMF applicators over electrical devices like pacemakers, cochlear implants and intrathecal devices, etc.

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